PCI Teaching Scale Workshop

We learn from human ecology theory that caregivers and children mutually influence and provide feedback to each other.Dan Ethan reading It is from thousands of repeated interactions between caregivers and children that children’s emotional, physical and intellectual needs are met – or not. Positive quality interactions during the first years of life tend to be positively linked to children’s subsequent cognitive and language capacities and to more secure attachments to major caregivers.

Observing a parent teaching a child a new age-appropriate task provides a window into the behaviours each brings to the interaction. Teaching episodes are relatively brief, usually around five minutes. Because the teaching is novel for the caregiver and infant, it places some stress on the interactive system. It thus allows us to look at the adaptive patterns of the caregiver and child outside their well-rehearsed routines. (Ref. NCAST PCI Programs)

This engaging, lively and interactive workshop uses extensive NCAST video sequences of teaching situations to familiarise participants with specific characteristics that indicate the quality of the caregiver-child interaction.

Expected outcomes
By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Describe behaviours brought to the interaction by caregiver and child and the contingency of their responses to one another
  • Easily identify strengths as well as areas needing improvement
  • Assess concerns early in the caregiver-child communication/interactive pattern at a point when intervention is most effective
  • Be able to plan the most direct and effective way to help parents with their infants and young children
  • Have potentially gained 85% reliability in rating parent-child teaching interactions. Final reliability scales completed on Day 3 are sent to NCAST, USA, for assessment.
Workshop outline
Day 1. Concepts and scale items
Day 2. Participants score and assess four practice scales from video sequences
Day 3. Participants score five scales for reliability assessment from video sequences

Workshop length? 3 x 8 hour days

How many participants? 10-12 maximum

Who will benefit from this workshop?
Service providers (nurses, psychologists, social workers, physicians, therapists, early childhood teachers) and researchers who work with young children and their families. The NCAST PCI program insruction is pitched at graduate leve or equivalent in work experience.

Pam Stilling will facilitate this workshop which requires a certified NCAST PCI program trainer. More in About Pam.

Materials required per participant:
Compulsory: NCAST Teaching Set comprised of Teaching Scale Manual, Teaching Scales and Teaching Kit (standardised toys) @ AUD300.00 (2014*). Optional: Standard Deviation Calculator (CD Rom) (optional) AUD60.00(2014*). Note: Where participants work from the same site, costs may be reduced by sharing some materials, for example, Teaching Kit and Standard Deviation Calculator. Contact Pam Stilling to discuss.

Cost – Individuals attending a workshop as scheduled in Diary Dates (2014 &2015)
AUD660.00 for participation in this 3-day workshop plus cost of materials (as above).
Morning and afternoon teas are provided but students are asked to buy or bring their own lunches.
Cost - Organisations or Groups (2014 & 2015) (maximum 12 students)
AUD2630.00 for facilitation of 3-day workshop plus cost of materials per participant.
Client to provide venue, AV equipment and to bear facilitator’s travel and accommodation costs if workshop site is beyond reasonable daily commuting distance of Melbourne. Provision of catering will be negotiated.

Reminder: In Australia, self-education expenses and ‘tools of trade’ such as teaching sets are tax deductible.

Payment options include cheque, electronic bank transfer, invoice or purchase order.

Coming workshops See DIARY DATES.

Cancellation Policy Pam Stilling reserves the right to cancel or move this workshop to another venue if there are insufficient registrations by 10 working days prior to the scheduled date. Registrants will be notified individually if this occurs. Where cancellations are received 10 to 40 working days prior to the workshop 50% of the feed paid will be refunded. Registrations cancelled 10 or fewer working days prior to the workshop will not be refunded. Fees paid will not be credited to a future event in case of cancellation.

Price Changes Workshop prices increase by approximately 3% on 1 January each year. Cost of materials depends on supplier (Australian Councilfor Education Research (ACER)) prices at the time and may change without notice.

Please contact Pam Stilling with any questions or for more information.
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