Parent education

Understanding Infants and Their Cues

This exciting, interactive workshop, also called Keys to Caregiving, uses extensive video clips to demonstrate concepts and to form a basis for participant activities. Knowledge about infants – their states, behaviours, response patterns and pre-verbal language – is important for all expectant and new parents and caregivers. Understanding what babies are experiencing and what they need at different times increases your confidence and can significantly enhance your relationship with your infants. Babies, themselves, relax more, sleep and feed better when they know their parents understand their body language and will respond sensitively to their needs. They grow though early childhood as visibly happier children, trusting and feeling secure in their relationships with their parents and principal caregivers.

This Keys to Caregiving series is of real and direct relevance to expectant and new parents and grandparents.

Forthcoming workshop dates are at Diary Dates.

Understanding Infants and Their Cues – 5 x 2 hour sessions

For expectant and new parents (and grandparents). Each group is limited to eight persons.

Venue: Blackburn, Victoria


Per session: $15 per individual or $25 per couple; OR

In advance for all five sessions: $65 per individual or $110 per couple.


Session 1: Babies' six states of consciousness. How to recognise the different sleep and awake states and transitions between. How to respond in each of these states.
Session 2: Understanding babies' behaviours from birth. Personality differences. Temperament differences. How to sensitively respond.
Session 3: Recognising and understanding pre- and non-verbal communication cues.
Session 4: Helping babies move between states - soothing and calming them or rousing and awakening them according to needs. The start of self-regulation.
Session 5: Interacting. Building optimal relationships during everyday interactions such as feeding, bathing, changing.

Please Contact Pam at 0418560602 or 03 98771539 or at with any questions or to express interest in attending.