Pam Stilling, Early Parenting Consultant

Pam offers a range of education programs including outstanding ones from NCAST, USA, for parents and professionals to help them understand babies’ pre-verbal cues and behaviours from the first days of life.Pam and Kate reading

Recognising infant cues and knowing what they mean are first steps towards being able to meet babies’ needs sensitively and effectively. While most new parents intuitively understand what their babies and toddlers are signalling, they can sometimes lack confidence that their interpretation is correct and may be unsure how or when to respond. Tiredness and stress can sap parents’ confidence. New parents may be unsure if crying babies are signalling hunger and new breastfeeding mothers may be unsure when their infants have had enough.

When professionals are asked for information and advice, they can help parents learn to understand and respond sensitively to their babies’ needs and to develop everyday interaction patterns that are positive and nurturing.  It is through the hundreds of everyday interactions with their parents and caregivers that infants develop their attachment relationships. Secure attachment requires interactions that are both positive and nurturing.

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