Keys to Caregiving Workshop

This lively, interactive workshop uses the best of the original NCAST video clips of newborns plus newer audiovisual material of older infants, toddlers and parents. Students each receive a comprehensive study guide that includes the evidence base for concepts, summaries of course components and recommendations for ongoing self-reflection and learning.

Knowledge about infants – their states, response patterns and non verbal language – is important for all caregivers of infants and young children, both parents and professionals. It makes an enormous difference in how we relate to babies if we learn to read and respond to their messages about whether they are tired, hungry, excited, happy or confused. This workshop has been designed to give service providers this knowledge and will teach you how to transfer it to expectant and new parents.
The day is all about babies, what they can do, how they communicate non-verbally, how they actively work hard to engage their parents to build a strong emotional bond right from birth. For many parents, if their professional support persons do not alert them to watch for what their new babies are doing or communicating, both parents and infants might miss out on these wonderful early bonding experiences from the first days. The afternoon gives opportunities for students to use simple frameworks to assess the quality of parent-child interactions during feeding and to give effective feedback.
Topics covered : the six infant states of consciousness; innate behaviours and capabilities; non-verbal communication cues; helping babies move through the states of consciousness, ie sleep to wakefulness or wakefulness to sleep; the feeding interaction and professional-parent partnership and communication; encouragement of relective functioning, questioning and giving feedback.

Workshop length: 8 hours

Expected outcomes
By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to
  • Describe infant behaviours and states of consciousness
  • Apply techniques to modulate infant states
  • Recognise and name infant pre-verbal cues
  • Recognise strengths and areas that could be improved in mother-child feeding interactions
  • Engage parents and use resources to help them learn about and positively interact with their infants..
How many participants?
Up to 20.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Nurses, psychologists, social workers, physicians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, audiologists, early childhood teachers and researchers who work with young children and their families.
Materials required
Each participant requires the NCAST Study Guide and sample Parent Handout leaflets – value AUD40.00 per participant.

Pam Stilling will facilitate this workshop. See About Pam.

Cost – Organisations (2014 & 2015) at your own venue
One-day workshop for up to 20 participants: AUD1150.00 plus materials - Study Guide and sample Parent Handouts (AUD40.00 per participant)
Client to provide venue, AV equipment and catering and, in most cases, to bear facilitator’s travel and accommodation costs if workshop site is greater than reasonable daily commuting distance of Melbourne by road.

Organisations that commission group training receive collated participants’ workshop evaluations.

Cost – Individuals (2014 & 2015) attending a workshop scheduled in Diary Dates.

AUD250.00 including Study Guide and sample Parent Handouts.
Reminder. In Australia, self-education expenses are tax deductible.
Morning and afternoon teas are provided. Participants will need to buy or bring your own lunches.
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Payment options include credit card (via Paypal), cheque, electronic bank transfer, invoice or purchase order. Proceed to payment in on-line registration form and select preferred option.
Cancellation Policy Pam Stilling reserves the right to cancel or move this workshop to another venue if there are insufficient registrations by 10 working days prior to the scheduled date. Registrants will be notified individually if this occurs. Where cancellations are received 10 to 40 working days prior to the workshop 50% of the feed paid will be refunded. Registrations cancelled 10 or fewer working days prior to the workshop will not be refunded. Fees paid will not be credited to a future event in case of cancellation.
Price Increase Prices for workshops increase by approximately 3% on 1 January each year. Prices for materials depend on price from suppliers at the time and may alter without notice.
Please contact Pam Stilling with any questions or for further information.
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