Professional education

We offer a range of education programs including outstanding ones from NCAST, USA, that can help you promote richer and more positive interactions between parents and young children. Knowing the theoretical and practical concepts and communicating them to parents, empowers parents in their relationship with their infants.

As professionals working with young families, you can guide parents in helping their infants develop self regulation through predictable loving interactions and routines. An early start like this will help build secure attachment relationships for children with the important people in their lives.

Your professional expertise will be enhanced after Keys to Caregiving as you share your new knowledge with parents, and as you help them more easily understand the pre-verbal cues and behaviours infants show from the first days of life and how to sensitively respond.

Your expertise will further increase most dramatically as you gain reliability in the Parent-Child Interaction Feeding and Teaching Scales. You will have finely tuned awareness of the behaviours a parent and child bring to an interaction, and will easily identify strengths as well as areas that you can help them improve. The rewards from seeing families regain their equilibrium after palpably prickling or near-disintegrating from anxiety, fatigue or exhaustion can’t be overstated.

The NCAST workshops for professionals and the 'Understanding Babies' series for parents will significantly increase your knowledge about infants in general and your own in particular.

Keys to Caregiving Workshop

PCI Feeding Scale Workshop

PCI Teaching Scale Workshop